New British Folk/Rock Facebook Group

Hi Everyone,

A new Facebook group has been set up for British Folk/Rock and it would be wonderful if those that use Facebook could join, contribute and spread the folk/rock word?

It’s a place to share your stories, memories and photos of Folk/Rock over the last fifty years and party like it’s 1967 all over again!

(For those that can remember that far back of course)

Here’s the link –

See you there!

TMA xx

New Video Single!

It’s absolutely Baltic out there and snow is falling everywhere, except that is on the beautiful Isle of Arran where our Findlay Napier is likely wearing shorts and inventing cocktails in advance of our trip to the Costa del Folk festival on Ibiza in April.

As David Coverdale of Whitesnake would holler “here’s a song for ya!” so indeed here is a wonderfully dark and chilly video for our version of the fantastic Mike Waterson song Jack Frost to suit these wintry times.

Hope you enjoy it everyone, and if you’ve still to buy a copy of our top 10 chart album Glamour In The Grey then do check it out and/or sign up to our mailing list at

TMA xx 🖤 🤍 💜

Charts, Gigs and Overseas Orders

A huge thanks to everyone who has kept the “chart party” going in January by buying our latest album Glamour In The Grey. It’s up 8 places and back in to the top 10 of the Official UK Folk Chart.

We’re a super-chuffed “supergroup” (BBC Radio 2’s words, not ours!)

If you’ve still to buy it then check out preview song All I Planted at where you can see all the UK and International CD, 12″ vinyl and download buying options.

And our first three EP’s are now only available as CD, 10″ vinyl and download multi-packs so if you’re still to complete our music collection you can order them all together at

Also, can International buyers please note that the UK Royal Mail is still in chaos following a cyber attack which has suspended all overseas deliveries for the month and they are only now getting round to clearing the huge backlog. We’re so sorry for the delay but all existing orders will be with you just as soon as is humanly possible.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Finally, it’s gig week so anyone around Gateshead (near Newcastle) and Cambridge we’d love to see you at one of those venues on Friday and Saturday. Details and ticket links at

TMA xx 🖤🤍💜

Ae Fond Kiss Raises £250 For The RSPB!

Whoah, thank you everyone! A quick post on Wednesday about our version of Rabbie Burns’s song Ae Fond Kiss being available as a pay what you want download for charity and bang, £250 for the RSPB and the birds.

We’ll keep it running indefinitely so head over to and check it out. Pay something or pay nothing, it’s up to you, but either way if you can at least share this round on your social media and let’s see what happens.

TMA xx 🖤 🤍 💜 🐦

Pay What You Want Burns Nicht Single!

It’s Burns Nicht, and to celebrate we are making our version of Rabbie’s “Ae Fond Kiss” available as a “pay what you want” download with every penny of proceeds going to the Royal Society For The Protection of Birds, a cause very dear to the band.

You can have it for free, pay as much or as little as you like, or even gift it to someone else, but whatever you do it would be much appreciated if you could at the very least share this round your social media and let’s see what we can raise for the birds!

Download Ae Fond Kiss here –

Thank you everyone!

TMA xx 🖤🤍💜

CD and Vinyl Orders

Thank you to all our international fans for your patience with deliveries of CD’s and albums.

Two weeks ago the Royal Mail had to suspend all international deliveries until further notice due to a massive cyber attack, which on top of the backlog from strike action in November and December has meant extreme delays with international mail.

If you’re waiting on a delivery rest assured our distributors will have all orders sent to you as soon as they possibly can and thank you again for being so understanding.

Please note that UK orders are not affected and are being sent out normally.

As ever you can find all our music on CD, vinyl and download at including new album Glamour In The Grey and our newly reissued First Three EP’s multipack.

And you can listen to our new album preview track All I Planted here to “try before you buy”.

Thank you for all your support everyone, it’s always hugely appreciated. 

TMA xx 🖤🤍💜

Welcome To All New Subscribers and Followers!

Thank you to all the new subscribers and social media followers who have joined us since our Mark Radcliffe live session on BBC Radio 2 last week.

If you didn’t hear it at the time you can catch up with it any time over the next few weeks at

Folk/Rock supergroup indeed!!!


A quick music recap for all new fans…..

UK buyers can get our Top 10 UK chart album Glamour In The Grey and our first three EP’s multi-pack from on CD and vinyl. And you can also buy them worldwide on Bandcamp on download here.

International buyers can also get Glamour and the 3 EP’s on the above Bandcamp link on CD and vinyl.

Our website is the best source for all band news and you can sign up to our mailing list on the homepage here where we’ll keep you posted straight to your desktop.

For our vaguely funny stuff please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the links at the bottom of our homepage too. We do like to have fun.

Next up are gigs in Newcastle and Cambridge next month so do come along if you’re in the vicinity and hear why reviewers are referencing “Led Zepellin riffs” and “just the right amount of Black Sabbath for folk/rock”.

As ever thank you for your support everyone!

TMA xx

It’s The First Three EP’s Multi-Pack Reissue Day!

Happy Wassailing Day Everyone!

Today is the official reissue release day for the CD, 10″ coloured vinyl and download multi-packs of our The First Three EP’s collection.

If you’re still to catch up on our first music releases then these were three 4-track EP’s that we released individually over the strange year that was 2020 and which you can now buy in one multi-package at

This is eligible for the UK Official Folk Chart so now would be a wonderful time for us if you were to buy it.

You can also hear preview tracks for each individual EP on Bandcamp here.

And of course you can hear the preview track All I Planted from our new Official UK Folk chart top 10 album Glamour In the Grey and see all the CD, vinyl and download buying options for that at if you’ve still to get a copy.

As ever thank you for all your wonderful support!

TMA xx 🖤 🤍 💜

Missed The Last Christmas Post?!

With all the UK mail upheaval and us now being past the last posting day for Christmas you can still buy music downloads as gifts on Bandcamp and send them via email.

Just go to our Bandcamp site here where you can buy the new album Glamour In the Grey and The First Three EP’s bundle.

Look for the “Send as Gift” icon and you can checkout as a guest so there’s no account set-up required for either you or the recipient, plus the download can be synced with iTunes or whatever music player app is used.

Perfect for a late Christmas present!

TMA xx

Last day For Christmas Orders!

Why not make it a folk/rock Christmas?

Today is the last UK ordering day for all The Magpie Arc music and merchandise for Christmas delivery so if you’d like to order a copy of new album Glamour in the Grey on CD or 12″ vinyl or order our First Three EP’s bundle on CD and 10″ coloured vinyl then now’s the time!

You can see all the buying options at

The actual last UK first class posting date for Christmas is tomorrow and our distributor will be working up until close of business then, but with a growing mail backlog ordering sooner rather than later is recommended.

Thank you all again for your support in making Glamour In The Grey an Official UK Chart number 9 album everyone, all new orders count towards chart placings so how high could it go?

TMA xx 🖤💜