Bandcamp Friday

Today is Bandcamp Friday, which is the day every so often that our sales platform waive their fees on all purchases, so it’s a very good day for us (and all other artists that use it) if you’re planning to buy something.

As well as our music we also have available a limited edition of 30 of these wonderful Cinnibar moth prints by artist Ellie Skinner, with each having a handwritten line by Nancy Kerr from her song of the same name which was inspired by these beautiful creatures.

Each print comes with a free unlimited streaming of the song, so if you’re new to the band then have a listen to it and then check out the rest of our three EP’s.

You can buy the prints and our music at our Bandcamp site here…

Our Nancy Kerr and Martin Simpson also have fantastic music available on Bandcamp and you can access their own solo pages using the “recommendations” tab on our site, so fire in, and as ever thank you for supporting artists by buying direct.

TMA xx

New Merchandise!

In addition to CD’s and vinyl, we now also have a range of “The Magpie Arc” merchandise available in the shape of various T-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie designs in lots of lovely colours, (and black and white obviously).

Check out our sales site here

TMA xx

EP3 – The Vinyl Has Landed!

We now have the vinyl for EP3 and all orders will be sent out this week.

Thank you to everyone who bought it and for your patience, we hope you enjoy it!

All three EP’s are now available immediately on 10″ coloured vinyl as well as CD and download, so if you’ve still to get a copy of any of them you can order here

TMA xx

EP3 Vinyl Delivery Update

Hi Folks,

Thank you to everyone who ordered vinyl copies of EP3.

The expected delivery date was not until the first week of July but things are obviously shifting in the EU pressing plants again and we’ve just been updated that it will actually be arriving in the UK on the 31st of May, so we will get your copy out to you as soon as possible after that.

Anyone still to buy it can do so by shopping here

TMA xx

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who bought our two track charity single today and for supporting our fundraising efforts.

It reached number 6 in the Bandcamp folk download chart which is a fantastic achievement on “Bandcamp Friday”, their busiest day of the month, where they waive all their fees on artist sales.

ALL proceeds from the single are going to a range of good causes so if you’ve still to buy then you can preview and download the single here

TMA xx

“Live At The Silk Mill” Songs – Available Now!

The two fundraising songs from our Live At The Silk Mill sessions are now available to download from our Bandcamp site here for the grand sum of £1.50 (or pay more if you want) and ALL proceeds will be going to our favourite charities.

One of these is Social Bite, a charity based in Edinbugh, that does incredible work to tackle homelessness and counts George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio as customers to their unique cafe!

Please check them out at and help us to support them, and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

TMA xx

Download Charity Fundraiser

When The Magpie Arc formed in 2019 the wonderful people at The Silk Mill Recording Studios in Stafforshire, UK filmed two videos of us for free, which gave us a lovely publicity boost and kick-started the band.

To return that karma we are releasing the audio tracks of Autumn Leaves and Darling Charms from those live sessions together on Bandcamp this Friday as a “pay what you want” download with 100% of the proceeds going to our favourite charities.

Please check out our site here to buy them on Friday and feel free to share this round your social media and friends.

Let’s see what we can raise for some good causes folks.

TMA xx

Bandcamp Friday!

We’re overjoyed at these three finally being together, and as tomorrow is “Bandcamp Friday”, which is the day of the month that our sales platform Bandcamp waive all their revenue from artists, then tomorrow would be a particularly good time for us if you’d like to buy any of them!

You can visit our Bandcamp page here.

Also released tomorrow on Bandcamp is a fantastic new live album from our Martin Simpson, and available too is the superb solo album, Sweet Visitor, by Nancy Kerr, so why not consider a bundle?

Thank you for your continued support everyone, it is very, very much appreciated!

♥️ TMA xx

EP3 CD Orders

Thank you to everyone who bought EP3 and for your patience with your CD orders!

Sadly, deliveries to the UK from European pressing plants have slowed to a crawl due to “enhanced customs checks” as a result of you know what, so we’re afraid the despatch date to you will now be next week.

Apologies again, but we will have CD’s out to you as soon as we receive them.

In the meantime if you are still to buy it either on download, 10″ coloured vinyl or CD then you can order here.

TMA xx

Thank You Everyone!

Ah, EP3 is number 7 on the Bandcamp singer/songwriter bestseller chart!

Thanks folks, you guys are the best!

It’s available on vinyl, CD and download, but the the 10″ limited edition violet coloured vinyl is going fast so be quick.

You can preview the songs and buy your copy here

TMA xx