Ae Fond Kiss Raises £250 For The RSPB!

Whoah, thank you everyone! A quick post on Wednesday about our version of Rabbie Burns’s song Ae Fond Kiss being available as a pay what you want download for charity and bang, £250 for the RSPB and the birds. We’ll keep it running indefinitely so head over to and check it out. Pay somethingContinue reading “Ae Fond Kiss Raises £250 For The RSPB!”

CD and Vinyl Orders

Thank you to all our international fans for your patience with deliveries of CD’s and albums. Two weeks ago the Royal Mail had to suspend all international deliveries until further notice due to a massive cyber attack, which on top of the backlog from strike action in November and December has meant extreme delays withContinue reading “CD and Vinyl Orders”

It’s The First Three EP’s Multi-Pack Reissue Day!

Happy Wassailing Day Everyone! Today is the official reissue release day for the CD, 10″ coloured vinyl and download multi-packs of our The First Three EP’s collection. If you’re still to catch up on our first music releases then these were three 4-track EP’s that we released individually over the strange year that was 2020Continue reading “It’s The First Three EP’s Multi-Pack Reissue Day!”