Unique And VERY Ltd Collectors Edition Of Glamour In The Grey In Coloured Vinyl Out Now!


A STRICTLY one-off, LIMITED EDITION of 100 INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED and individually UNIQUE “sea foam with melted crayon effect” copies of latest album GLAMOUR IN THE GREY complete with SONG LYRIC and BAND PHOTOS insert which could be YOURS right NOW!!!!!

(Why all the CAPITAL letters? Because BIG LETTERS get YOUR attention!)

So, YOU could own one of these INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED and UNIQUE coloured vinyl albums AND impress YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS and YOUR neighbours friends and THEIR neighbours FAMILY’S friend’s cat AND it’s neighbours.

ALL copies are DIFFERENT and when they’ve gone, THEY’VE GONE!!!!

So head over to the LINK BELOW and you can buy your INDIVIDUALLY numbered COLLECTORS copy of Glamour In The Grey RIGHT NOW!!!

Buy YOUR Glamour In The Grey Ltd Collectors Edition HERE!!!

Think of it as an INVESTMENT…….like BITCOIN!

(That bit’s a joke by the way!)

TMA xxx 🖤🤍💜

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