A Song For The Birds

Today is another Bandcamp Friday which is the day that our digital distributor Bandcamp waive all their revenue for artists that use the platform, so it’s an especially good day for us to download our 3 EP’s or latest album Glamour In The Grey.

We also have a single available of our version of the beautiful Robert Burns song Ae Fond Kiss with the great singer Adam Holmes, and it’s available as a “pay what you want” download with absolutely ALL our proceeds going to the RSPB.

Paying nothing and just telling your friends about it would be great, as would paying a £1 or whatever at all you can manage. The last time we did this we raised over £260 so lets do it again for the birds and help us Magpies help THE magpies.

You can find it at https://themagpiearc.bandcamp.com/

TMA xx 🖤 🤍 💜

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