Welcome To All New Subscribers and Followers!

Thank you to all the new subscribers and social media followers who have joined us since our Mark Radcliffe live session on BBC Radio 2 last week.

If you didn’t hear it at the time you can catch up with it any time over the next few weeks at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001gg87

Folk/Rock supergroup indeed!!!


A quick music recap for all new fans…..

UK buyers can get our Top 10 UK chart album Glamour In The Grey and our first three EP’s multi-pack from themagpiearc.com/shop on CD and vinyl. And you can also buy them worldwide on Bandcamp on download here.

International buyers can also get Glamour and the 3 EP’s on the above Bandcamp link on CD and vinyl.

Our website themagpiearc.com is the best source for all band news and you can sign up to our mailing list on the homepage here where we’ll keep you posted straight to your desktop.

For our vaguely funny stuff please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the links at the bottom of our homepage too. We do like to have fun.

Next up are gigs in Newcastle and Cambridge next month so do come along if you’re in the vicinity and hear why reviewers are referencing “Led Zepellin riffs” and “just the right amount of Black Sabbath for folk/rock”.

As ever thank you for your support everyone!

TMA xx

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