New Album Release Week!

It’s new album release week and our first full-length album Glamour In The Grey is out this Friday the 4th of November.

We have Nancy Kerr folk/rock belters with “just the right amount of Black Sabbath” according to one reviewer, plus a wonderful version of the wintry Mike Waterson song Jack Frost, our “The Band’esque” version of American traditional song Pans of Biscuits, Findlay Napier’s kiss-off to an ex with Don’t Leave The Door Open (or is it about Scottish independence?) and more.

You can hear Pans of Biscuits and pre-order the album now on CD or 12″ vinyl at or listen to it and pre-order the digital download on Bandcamp here.

And get this, the album is eligible for the UK Folk Chart so if you wonderful people were thinking of buying it then between now and the 24th of November would be a very helpful time for us.


TMA xx

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