Bandcamp Friday

Today is Bandcamp Friday, which is the day every so often that our sales platform waive their fees on all purchases, so it’s a very good day for us (and all other artists that use it) if you’re planning to buy something.

As well as our music we also have available a limited edition of 30 of these wonderful Cinnibar moth prints by artist Ellie Skinner, with each having a handwritten line by Nancy Kerr from her song of the same name which was inspired by these beautiful creatures.

Each print comes with a free unlimited streaming of the song, so if you’re new to the band then have a listen to it and then check out the rest of our three EP’s.

You can buy the prints and our music at our Bandcamp site here…

Our Nancy Kerr and Martin Simpson also have fantastic music available on Bandcamp and you can access their own solo pages using the “recommendations” tab on our site, so fire in, and as ever thank you for supporting artists by buying direct.

TMA xx

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