EP1 – Short Promo Ad and Buying Info

Just a small reminder to everyone following some questions.

All non-UK based fans should use the “Overseas Buyer” links on our website Buy page to purchase EP1 on CD and vinyl, or you can directly access the Bandcamp link for that here.

And UK buyers should use the “UK Buyers” links on our website Buy page for EP1 on CD’s and vinyl.

TMA xx

EP1 – Vinyl Stock

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of EP1 from us and for supporting artists directly. The 10″ limited edition vinyl is literally “flying” off the shelf (pun definitely intended) and numbers are becoming limited, so if you’d like an initial copy then best be quick.

You can buy it on vinyl, CD and download here, and you can see the short EP1 promo video via YouTube here.

Thank you,

TMA xx

EP1 Now Available!

The band are excited to announce that their 4 track debut release, EP1, is now available to buy in limited edition 10″ coloured vinyl with digital download, on CD and on digital download.

Please visit www.themagpiearc.com/buy

Thank you for supporting artists by buying directly and we hope you enjoy it!

TMA xx

New EP Out This Week

The band are delighted to announce that our first music release will be available to buy directly from us at themagpiearc.com/buy from this Friday the 25th of September.

EP1 features four original tracks written by Nancy Kerr, Martin Simpson, Adam Holmes and Tom A. Wright and will be available in very limited edition coloured 10″ vinyl with hi-resolution download, on CD and on hi-res download only.

We’re really excited to finally let you hear our new music.

Hope you enjoy it!

TMA xx